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2024-07-05Thermal Control 2024-06-28Upgrading Modular PSUs 2024-06-20Ableton Push 3 NVMe Replacement 2024-06-12Clonezilla 2024-06-12Supersizing a Partition and Its File System 2024-06-11VirtualBox 2024-06-04Push 3 Standalone Linux 2024-05-30Rust 2024-04-21Guitar Pickup Hum 2024-04-11Working With Mainframe Software 2024-04-11Dinosaur Tales 2024-04-11Listing CSECTs using ABMLIST 2024-04-11Disassembling mainframe COBOL with ASMDASM 2024-04-10Receiving files on an IBM mainframe 2024-04-07Transcribing Music From Audio 2024-04-03EBCDIC 2024-04-03Running JCL from a PC 2024-03-20Live_set - Debug Tool For Ableton Live Sets 2024-02-24Reaper Notes 2024-02-21Sorting Out VSTs 2024-02-18Product Development Collaboration 2024-02-12Expanding the WSL virtual hard drive 2024-02-12PrivateGPT: Secure Q/A for a Corpus 2024-02-08Ableton Google Search 2024-02-02Recording Ableton Live Into OBS Studio 2024-02-02Ableton Live Notes 2024-01-31LaTeX Notes 2024-01-31Writing Math For Web Pages 2024-01-27Quick Review of Probability Theory 2024-01-24Diffusion models implementation from scratch. 2024-01-23OpenAI Whisper 2024-01-21ComfyUI 2024-01-19Anaconda 2024-01-18Running LLMs on WSL 2024-01-18Image Generation With Stable Diffusion 2024-01-18Stable Diffusion WebUI by AUTOMATIC1111 2024-01-17Large Language Model Notes 2024-01-16Hugging Face 2024-01-14Large Language Models with Ollama 2024-01-14Chatting with Ollama via web-ui 2024-01-14Ollama-Ruby 2024-01-13ChatGPT-4 Plugins for Writers 2024-01-10NuGem 2024-01-01Large Language Models 2023-12-27jekyll_google_translate 2023-12-03Ableton Push 3 Standalone 2023-11-29My Ruby Gems 2023-11-26DJV 2023-11-06Microtiming: Tuplet-Based Rhythms IRL & DAWs 2023-10-16RME ARC USB 2023-10-16Synthesizers and MIDI 2023-10-03Parsing Command Line Arguments with OptionParser 2023-10-01KnobKraft-orm, a F/OSS MIDI Patch Librarian 2023-09-28Installing JDK 17 on Ubuntu 2023-09-26Displaying the Location Where a Photo or a Video Was Created 2023-09-21Roland Juno-DS61 Synthesizer Workstation 2023-09-14C++ Boost library 2023-09-08PDF Manipulation 2023-09-01Sony Alpha ZV-E1 2023-08-28Rubocop Settings for Visual Studio Code 2023-08-20Pytest and Visual Studio Code 2023-08-12IBM MVS on the Hercules Mainframe emulator 2023-08-11Graceful Crash Exit From Ruby 2023-07-23ElectroVoice EVERSE 8 2023-07-20Git Repository Integrity 2023-07-13Working With Git Repos In Hostile Environments 2023-06-14Portable Ableton Live Setup 2023-06-06Ruby Gem Scaffold Generation With Thor 2023-06-03Ruby Modularity 2023-05-30Git Configuration 2023-05-21Organized Ruby Articles 2023-05-18My Jekyll Plugins 2023-05-12C and C++ Online and On Ubuntu 2023-05-12Divergent Libgit2 Library Wrappers 2023-05-12Merge and Pull: Git CLI vs. Libgit2 Wrappers 2023-05-10Git/Libgit2 Notes 2023-04-14Understanding Ruby Sinatra With Active Record 2023-04-10MuseScore 3 and 4 2023-04-09Music21 2023-04-06Gem ‘Subclassing’ and Introspection 2023-03-30Partial Clone With Sparse Checkout 2023-03-13Low-Level Git Concepts 2023-03-13Low-Level Git Commands 2023-03-12The Git Pager 2023-03-11Organized Git Articles 2023-03-11Updating Trees of Git Repositories 2023-03-11Introduction to libgit2 2023-03-11Working With Git Repos Using Ruby's Rugged Gem 2023-03-10The First Git Branch Is Created Lazily 2023-03-03Don't Poke the Bear 2023-03-02Letsencrypt/ACME Wildcard SSL Certificates by Lego 2023-02-25Mastering the Mix 2023-02-12jekyll_plugin_support 2023-02-11Pro Tools Automation 2023-02-01Database Frameworks for Sinatra 2023-01-31Debugging Rackup Webapps With Visual Studio Code 2023-01-23HTML Hyphens 2023-01-10Jekyll Plugin Snippets 2023-01-08Hands-Free Studio 2023-01-07A Curmudgeon’s Social Networking 2023-01-01Pro Tools GrooveCell & Xpand!2 2022-12-21Panasonic Lumix Tether 2022-12-20Studio Equipment 2022-12-19Panasonic Lumix DC-S5* Cameras and Lenses 2022-12-17Generating Lyrics With ChatGPT 2022-12-13Guitar Pro 2022-12-05Authentication & Authorization With Sinatra / Warden 2022-12-02Sinatra Request Explorer 2022-12-01Working With Volumes and Directories Under Ubuntu 2022-11-23Bome MIDI Translator Pro for Camera Tethering 2022-11-21Sheet Music 2022-11-14Camera Tethering 2022-11-13Audio Notes 2022-11-08Pro Tools Editing 2022-10-05What Does ‘Control’ Mean in 2024? 2022-08-13Sony Alpha 7 Mark iii Camera 2022-08-13Sony Imaging Edge 2022-08-12JiraCLI, a Feature-rich Interactive Jira Command Line 2022-07-28ImageMagick Slicing on Ubuntu/WSL 2022-07-23Optimizing Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 2022-07-22Ruby on Rails / Solidus for E-Commerce 2022-07-16Uncomplicated Firewall on Ubuntu 2022-07-08Using Nginx As a Reverse Proxy With SSL 2022-07-01Trialing mslinn.com on Linode Storage 2022-06-20Considering Microsoft Azure for Static Websites 2022-06-15Creating and Renewing Letsencrypt Wildcard SSL Certificates 2022-06-09Considering Cloudflare R2 for Static Websites 2022-05-28Upgrading PostgreSQL Ubuntu 2022-05-27MontrĂ©al International vs. Bill 96 2022-05-26Limit Your Financial Vulnerability From AWS Account Hijacking 2022-05-15Jekyll 4.2.2 with Ruby 3.1.0 on Ubuntu 22.04 Using Podman 2022-05-03Profiling Jekyll and plugins with rbspy 2022-05-01HTTP 301 Redirects with Jekyll and AWS S3 2022-04-19DaVinci Resolve Notes 2022-03-31Microsoft Clarity Lets Me Watch You Click and Scroll 2022-03-28Nugem: Custom Rails & Jekyll Plugins 2022-03-27Explanations and Examples of Jekyll Plugins 2022-03-26Plugins Are Not The Only Way To Maintain a Jekyll Website 2022-03-06Installing Rubocop As a Development Dependency 2022-03-01Node.js, NVM, NPM and Yarn 2022-03-01Make a Visual Studio Code Extension 2022-02-22Iterating Slim Language Templates 2022-02-21Debugging Jekyll Plugins with an IDE 2022-02-20Essential Visual Studio Code Extensions for Ruby 2022-02-13Using the jekyll_bootstrap5_tabs Plugin 2022-02-13Making a Jekyll Plugin as a Ruby Gem 2022-02-12Setting Up a Ruby Development Environment 2022-02-10Fun With Python Enums 2022-02-07Linking Directories on NTFS and Ext4 Volumes 2022-01-30Handcrafted Dynamic DNS for AWS Route53 and Namecheap 2022-01-28MediaTrim: Ruby Gem Implementation 2022-01-23MediaTrim: A Friendly Interface To FFmpeg 2022-01-14Windows Diskpart Cooperates With Diskmgmt 2022-01-10WSL / WSL 2 Backup and Restore 2022-01-07Streaming Solo to Facebook From OBS Studio 2021-12-29OBS Studio Streaming Using Nvidia GTX & RTX GPUs 2021-12-26AI / ML System Behavior Reflects the Society That Produced It 2021-12-22Spring-Breezifier: Solving COVID-19 With HVAC 2021-12-20Publishing a Draft Article in a Jekyll Collection 2021-11-15Recording Solo With OBS Studio 2021-11-13Using an HDMI Splitter with OBS Studio 2021-11-12External Video Monitors For Cameras 2021-11-08Sending DAW Output to OBS Studio Using Loopback 2021-11-04Extracting Audio from an MP4 as 32-bit WAV 2021-11-03Sony Alpha 7 Mark iii Camera Media Encodings 2021-11-03What I Wish I Knew When I First Started 2021-06-08Django / PyTest Setup and Rationale 2021-05-26Documenting Custom Django & Django-Oscar Apps 2021-05-19Disappointing Scala 3 Installation Experience 2021-05-18Secrets of Setting Up Django EMail 2021-04-29OCI / Docker / AWS Lambda / Django / Buildah / podman 2021-04-28Docker, OCI Images, Buildah and podman 2021-04-18Stack Overflow Culture: Zero-Sum, Authoritarian and Hormonally Imbalanced 2021-04-14Serverless E-Commerce 2021-04-13Investigating a Django-Oscar Production Setup 2021-04-12Merging a Remote File with a Local File 2021-04-11Visual Studio Code Workspace Settings 2021-04-10Git Directory Tree Operations 2021-04-09A Python Virtual Environment For Every Project 2021-04-05Python Dependency Management With Pip-Tools 2021-04-05General Django-Oscar Notes 2021-04-04Django Models, Automatic Form Generation, Data Backup & Restore 2021-04-03Escaping HTML on Clipboard From a Windows Hot Key via WSL 2021-03-30WSIWYG HTML Editors for Django-Oscar 2021-03-27Django and Django-Oscar Information Sources 2021-03-27Django Unit Tests 2021-03-22Command-Line AWS Utilities 2021-03-22Microsoft Visual Studio Code Notes 2021-03-21CORS on AWS S3 and Cloudfront 2021-03-20Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) 2021-03-19AWS S3 and CloudFront SSL 2021-03-19Experimenting With Django User Authentication 2021-03-19Django-Oscar Startup & User Registration 2021-03-19Django-Oscar Templates and Ajax 2021-03-18VSCode Debugging and the Django-Oscar Sandbox 2021-03-18Preparation is Everything 2021-03-14Django Asset Settings 2021-03-13Enabling and Disabling the Django AWS Datastore 2021-03-12Preparing AWS S3 / CloudFront To Be a Django Webapp Datastore 2021-03-07Django-Oscar Project and App Templates 2021-03-06List of Django-Oscar Page Template Blocks 2021-03-04About These Ancient Warmth Posts 2021-03-04Ancient Warmth Django App OutlinesDraft 2021-03-03Ancient Warmth survey Django-Oscar App 2021-03-03Ancient Warmth pricing Django-Oscar App 2021-02-24Django Apps, AppConfig, OscarConfig and Sub-Apps 2021-02-23Pretty JSON Reduces Errors and Fatigue 2021-02-23Customizing Django-Oscar for Selling a Custom-Built Product 2021-02-14Suggestions for Django-Oscar and Django-Haystack 2021-02-13Django-Oscar Entity Relationship Diagrams 2021-02-12General Django Notes 2021-02-12Django Debug Toolbar 2021-02-12Django-admin and manage.py 2021-02-12Django Admin / manage.py dumpdata Subcommand 2021-02-12Django Migrations 2021-02-12Django-Oscar URL Patterns 2021-02-12Django Model Notes 2021-02-11JavaScript Named Arguments and Class Constructors 2021-02-11Installing Apache Solr on Ubuntu 20.04 2021-02-11Evaluating Django-Oscar, a F/OSS Shopping Cart 2021-02-08JavaScript Linter Configuration 2021-02-03Shopping Carts Powered by Python and Django 2021-02-02Functional and Non-Functional E-Commerce Requirements 2021-02-02About These Django / Oscar Posts 2021-01-30OpenCart - Postgres - ngnix - Ubuntu 2021-01-08Trust, Winning and Losing as an Expert Witness 2020-12-29Jekyll-Generated Sites 2020-12-28Custom Logging in Jekyll Plugins 2020-11-30Propagating Git Repo Changes Downstream 2020-11-05EZ Drummer 3 & Pro Tools 2020-10-27Installing a New SSH Key on AWS EC2 with User Data 2020-10-25Rescuing a Catastrophic Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.10 2020-10-24Working With EC2 Spot Instances From AWS CLI 2020-10-22Scala-Style Lambda Function Placeholder Syntax in Python 3 2020-10-03About My Jekyll Plugins 2020-10-03jekyll_outline 2020-10-03jekyll_archive_create 2020-10-03jekyll_archive_display 2020-10-03jekyll_reading_time 2020-10-03jekyll_basename_dirname 2020-10-03jekyll_begin_end 2020-10-03jekyll_from_to_until 2020-10-03evaluate 2020-10-03jekyll_badge 2020-10-03jekyll_nth 2020-10-03jekyll_time_since 2020-10-03jekyll_bootstrap5_tabs 2020-10-03emoji 2020-10-03jekyll_href 2020-10-03jekyll_img 2020-10-03jekyll_pre 2020-10-03jekyll_quote 2020-10-03jekyll_download_link 2020-10-03jekyll_run 2020-10-03jekyll_video 2020-10-03jekyll_flexible_include 2020-10-03jekyll_site_inspector 2020-10-03jekyll_plugin_logger 2020-10-03jekyll_all_collections 2020-10-03jekyll_sort_natural 2020-10-03jekyll_draft 2020-10-03jekyll_random_hex 2020-08-22Pro Tools Beats, Bars and Click Tracks 2020-08-16Bash Script to Create a New Jekyll Post 2020-08-15Converting All Images in a Website to webp Format 2020-08-11Technology Expert Articles 2020-08-11Empirical Truth and Probability 2020-08-11Detecting Software Copying 2020-08-11Technical Explanatory Videos 2020-08-11Expert Witness Mantra 2020-08-11Enterprise CRM & ERP Disputes 2020-03-01A/V Studio Technology 2020-03-01DAW Directories 2020-03-01Making a Video 2020-03-01Camera Shopping 2020-03-01RME TotalMix Notes 2020-03-01OBS Studio Notes 2020-03-01Pro Tools Overview 2020-03-01Pro Tools Installation and Preferences 2020-03-01Pro Tools Keyboards and Hot Keys 2020-03-01Pro Tools Modes and States 2020-03-01Pro Tools Operations 2020-03-01Pro Tools Recording 2020-03-01Pro Tools Effects 2020-03-01Pro Tools MIDI 2020-03-01Pro Tools Issues 2020-03-01More MIDI Software 2020-03-01Roland HandSonic HPD-15 2020-03-01Original Songs 2019-11-28Dotty (Scala 3 Preview) Presentation at Hopper, Montreal 2019-10-24A Hybrid Machine Learning / Personality Simulation Platform 2018-09-13Decentralized Ponytails 2018-09-12Evaluating Technology Companies 2018-08-29Evaluating Blockchain Companies 2018-08-29IBM Personality Insights 2018-08-28Bob Summerwill 2018-08-23Keynote Panel Discussion - The Future of Blockchain 2018-08-20Windows Subsystem for Linux Revisited 2018-06-13Ethereum Source Code Walkthrough 2018-04-03Smart Contracts That Learn 2018-03-02SVIEF Blockchain Conference at Stanford University 2018-01-18Smart Contracts for Enterprises 2018-01-03Tweet Stream Manager 2017-11-29The web3j-scala Ethereum Library 2017-08-07How Much Do You Actually Program? 2017-07-28Kafka Streams vs. Akka 2017-05-30Resume-Driven Development 2017-05-25Better Syntactic Sugar for Scala Futures 2017-04-29Exploratory Conversation With AIs 2017-04-04UI Considerations for the Visually Impaired 2017-01-15Are My Hands-Free Devices Always Listening? 2017-01-10Hands-Free Voice as a User Interface 2017-01-08Setting Up Jekyll with Ubuntu or WSL 2016-11-15I Updated the Apache Spark Reference Applications 2013-07-07Publishing Maven Artifacts to AWS S3 2013-06-01Load Testing ScalaCourses.com 2013-03-18Cleaning the Heroku Cache 2013-03-15Listing of all AWS Elastic Transcoder Presets 2013-03-15Using Scala’s String Interpolation to Access a Map 2013-02-27Bash shell on a Heroku Dyno 2012-11-14AWS S3 websites and Naked HTTP Redirects 2012-09-28Debugging JVM Programs on Heroku 2012-08-09Composable Futures with Akka 2.0 2012-08-07Proposal – Mandatory Countervailing Tip 2012-08-06Scala Existential Types and Salat 2012-08-04Pushing Notifications to Nagios from Java and Scala 2012-08-02Scala Type Parameters, Implicit Manifests and Salat 2011-09-30Pigs Can Fly 2011-09-21AMF over HTTP in another Multiverse 2011-08-18Bug Fix and Feature Branches in Git 2011-08-04Debugging Spring's SEVERE Error ListenerStart 2011-08-04Tracking Down a Mismatched JAR 2011-05-24Assessing Sample Code from Job Applicants 2011-05-13Mobile and Desktop Technology Trends and Issues 2010-02-19Mounting compressed folders / Looping back zip files 2009-11-23Shutting down Zamples.com 2009-07-202009 Open Source Community Leadership Summit 2009-06-27Commonwealth Club Performance 2009-02-22Presenting EmpathyWorks at a Private Equity Roundtable 2008-10-15Good Code is Beautiful 2008-09-24Breathless Delirium 2008-04-28Cult of the Software God 2008-03-26AAAI Symposium 2008-01-16IKVM.NET – Java applications on .NET 2007-11-21I'm a Dragon on a Business Plan Panel 2007-09-23Digital Mentat 2007-09-09Singularity Summit 2007-04-252nd Annual Silicon Valley Ruby Conference 2006-10-17Announcing Micronautics Research 2006-06-23A physical metaphor for IT innovation 2006-04-24Success! Silicon Valley Ruby Conference 2006-02-21Silicon Valley Ruby Conference 2005-12-30Instantiating Java Inner Classes 2005-12-16Programmatic IM Generation 2005-12-16Zamplized Ruby User’s Guide 2005-12-15Zamples REST Interface 2005-07-28“I Want to Build a Girl” 2005-05-15Self-Fullfilling Prophecy 2005-04-03Marshall Brain is a very smart man 2005-04-02Top 12 Klingon Programmer Sayings 2005-01-05Zample in a article 2004-12-24Another Software Expert Assignment 2004-12-18Nabu cast a long shadow 2004-12-09Live Code Examples for JDK 6 2004-11-04All Global 2000 Businesses Are Software Developers 2004-11-03Reading Java Properties Files from Bash

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