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Pro Tools Effects

Published 2020-03-01. Last modified 2022-08-15.
Time to read: 2 minutes.

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Create a New Effect

  1. Left-click on an empty channel send and select new track…
  2. Name the new track (here I named it Medium Reverb) and disable Create next to current track. This track will be known as the effects return track.
  3. Drag the new effects return track to the far right if it is not already placed there. Placing all the effects return tracks on the right side of the mix view helps keep the session organized.
  4. Pro Tools automatically creates a new bus named after the new effects return track, which routes to the new aux input track of the same name. This is known as the reverb return track.
  5. Place a stereo effect plugin on the insert of the Reverb aux input track by left-clicking on an empty insert. For example, the stereo D-Verb plugin is located under multichannel plugins > Reverb / D-Verb (stereo)
  6. The plugin control window appears.
  7. CTRL-click on the left side of the send to show the miniature send level fader, which I drew a magenta circle around in the following image.
  8. Adjust the slider to increase the level of the wet signal. I drew a magenta-colored rounded rectangle around the slider.
  9. CTRL-click the Solo button to enable safe solo on the reverb return track. I drew a magenta-colored circle around the button.

Add An Existing Effect to Another Track

  1. Press CTRL-= to reveal the Mix window.
  2. Click on an unused Send for the track.
  3. Select track / NameOfEffect
  4. The slider will be visible. Adjust the slider to increase the level of the wet signal.

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