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Published 2021-02-02. Last modified 2021-03-22.
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I was searching for a customizable e-commerce framework for a business case proof of concept, and after a false start, I realized that the Django framework, written in Python, was likely the way to go. I felt I would likely be able to add the ERP functionality I needed to a custom implementation of the django-oscar e-commerce framework.

Soon after, I discovered that the django-oscar e-commerce framework, although not without issues, was likely good enough for my needs.

I am documenting my progress in this separate series of posts. This information is written as I learn it, but instead of a strictly chronological journal, I continuously reorder and revise the information so it is more easily understood by others. If you are new to Django and/or django-oscar, you should read these posts from the bottom up.

Django and Django-Oscar Posts

Django / Oscar Evaluation


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