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I started publishing articles in technical journals in 1984, and I sold about five dozen articles to magazine editors until I stopped in 2010. I am the author of 3 computer science books, all of which are now obsolete. In addition, I have published many articles.

My Books

Book: Composable Futures With Akka 2.0

Composable Futures With Akka 2.0

Featuring Java, Scala and Akka Code Examples

ISBN 978-0-9842789-2-3. Originally published in 2011, republished in March 2012, April 2012 and October 2012.

Akka is hot, and Akka futures are important for creating responsive applications that can scale. This book is intended for 'the rest of us' – Java and Scala programmers who would like to quickly learn how design and integrate applications using composable futures…
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The Enterprise Adobe Flash Platform Series

These books explain how to develop secure, maintainable, scalable and testable enterprise-class software using Adobe Flex and AIR.

This series is intended for experienced software professionals who are accustomed to using best practices. This series traverses the entire software stack, from client to server.

This series provides an architectural overview of entire applications and drills into each subsystem. Because each of the members of the software stack is complex, only the most common use cases are explored.
Flex Data Services, Hibernate and Eclipse

Flex Data Services, Hibernate and Eclipse

ISBN 978-0-9842789-0-9. Published September, 2010.

This book explains how to design, build and test the Flex Data Services and the server-side Java stack of an application built with the Adobe Flash Platform. Java EE technology such as Tomcat and Hibernate are covered in detail, including reverse engineering ORM POJOs from a database schema, and creating a schema from POJOs…
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White Paper: End-to-End Client/Server Security with the Adobe Flash Platform

White Paper: End-to-End Client/Server Security with the Adobe Flash Platform

ISBN 978-0-9842789-1-6. Published April, 2011.

This white paper discusses end-to-end client/server security for distributed computing systems built with the Adobe Flash Platform. Special consideration is given to enterprise issues issues, and to cloud computing…
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DZXone Refcardz: Getting Started with LCDS

DZXone Refcardz: Getting Started with LCDS

ISBN 978-1-934238-88-2. Published September, 2009.

I wrote the definitive reference card on behalf of Adobe for their LiveCycle Data Services ES.


Back to Basics: A Startup Looks at Itself

Startups have to keep an open mind as they evolve. In this 1999 article I discussed the early market for application service providers (ASPs). ASP customers purchased software and then paid the ASP to host it. While that market no longer exists, the information in the article is timeless. Back to Basics: A Startup Looks at Itself.

Corporate structure for technology companies
I wrote this article in 1999 because the founders of several companies that I helped get started didn’t know much about corporate structure for technology companies.


Enterprise Java logo
In this 1999 article I pondered the future of Sun’s Enterprise Java. Oracle later bought Sun Microsystems.

Borland .NET Corner
I wrote this short promotional article while a Product Marketing Manager at Borland in 2005.

Monopoly game
One day I found myself explaining what marketing is to the founder of a company. He knew how to build electronics, and had a small sales volume, but didn't understand what marketing was. Monopoly: a Metaphor for Industry-Specific Marketing.

Top 10 Issues For Developer Relations Managers
This article targets Developer Relations departments of software platform vendors.

Combining Technical Marketing Prognostication Curves

This article explores the overlaying of several marketing curves for fun and profit.

Overlay of 3 types of prognostication curves

Internationalization (i18n)

MultiLingual Computing Magazine

I've produced software products in English, French, German and Spanish that run under DOS, Windows, Macintosh and Unix. Here are some tips for internationalizing software products. I wrote the following 3 articles for MultiLingual Computing Magazine.


In the 1980s I was a fairly well-known media personality in the CAD world, and published extensively. Here are a few of my articles from that time.

Technical Reviews

I have been retained as a technical reviewer by O'Reilly and Wrox Press. Here are the books I reviewed for them.


The author, Mike Slinn

Most of my articles are technical. “A Sobering Experience” is a humorous article for a change of pace.

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