Mike Slinn
Mike Slinn

Jekyll, Bootstrap, AWS and almost no JavaScript

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About This Material

In this corner of my website I discuss:

  • The open-source code (Ruby, bash, Bootstrap 5, HTML 5, CSS, and almost no JavaScript) I wrote (and continue to write) for developing websites generated by Jekyll. Lots of blog postings here! I put some of my Jekyll plugins into a zip file for easy downloading. A few Jekyll plugins have their own public git repos.
  • In 2012 I built a Play-Framework-powered webapp to power ScalaCourses.com. I am now working towards replacing that Scala webapp with a near-zero-JavaScript site generated by Jekyll. Sites are published to AWS S3. I intend to use AWS IAM for student authentication and authorization to access course contents. Perhaps I’ll write AWS Lambda Python scripts to access the database I’ve been using all these years for student enrollment.

Collaboration, Co-operation and Work for Hire

The SCSS between Jekyll and Bootstrap 5 needs to be sorted out, so a Jekyll-specific CSS template layer can be added above that. The CSS Jekyll template could then be ‘subclass’d into a CSS uber-layer for websites. Seems like Bootstrap 5.1+ will expand usage of CSS variables, and that would be perfect for templating. I am currently unaware of any F/OSS software that might be helpful for integrating Jekyll, Bootstrap 5 and AWS, but I’m still looking...

Please introduce yourself via email if you would like to discuss this topic with me, contribute to writing F/OSS in support of this goal, and/or working with me on a contractual basis for the non-F/OSS aspects of the things I am working on. I am open to collaboration.