Mike Slinn
Mike Slinn

Pro Tools Operations

Published 2020-03-01. Last modified 2023-10-22.
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General Principles

  1. Before making a recording, unplug all inputs that are not in use
  2. Never delete anything; copy and modify the copy instead

Session Setup

When the Interleaved option is enabled, all newly recorded or imported (and converted) stereo or greater-than-stereo multichannel files in the session will be manipulable as single entities.

You can change the Interleaved setting for the currently open session or project in the Session Setup window.

I always leave the Interleaved option enabled.

Export Audio

  1. Highlight a track that spans the entire timeline
  2. File / Bounce Mix (Ctrl-Alt-B)
  3. Before saving, Choose the directory (E:\music\renders) and press the Use current folder button.
  4. Save