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ChatGPT-4 Plugins for Writers

Published 2024-01-13.
Time to read: 1 minutes.

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I signed up for the $20/month USD Plus subscription. That took me to the ChatGPT page, and I clicked on Explore GPTs.

I was interested in the writing-oriented plugins. Here are the plugins highlighted as oriented for writing:

I had read about the Story plugin, but could not find it. After a search, I discovered that I had to use ChatGPT 4, and the URL for that is This is what that page looked like:

I pressed the No plugins installed button and saw:

After clicking OK, I saw:

Typing Story into the search box showed:

Clicking on Next > showed:

I did not find the Story plugin, so I tried searching with other keywords. “Write” yielded many hits:

I still did not find the Story plugin. I decided to try AskYourPDF, ChatwithPDF, Ai PDF and PDF Reader. Searching for PDF yielded dozens of plugins.

AskYourPDF installed without any dialogs.


ChatWithPDF displayed the following unexpected login screen. Not a good user experience.

Navigating to and clicking the Premium button showed:


Ai PDF did not identify the parties involved. Clicking on brought me to, which was also anonymous. Anonymous software vendors are definitely a security risk. They are gathering a lot of links.

PDF Reader

PDF Reader also gave me a horrible user experience. Clicking on the button displayed:

Navigating to displayed:

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