Mike Slinn
Mike Slinn

Davinci Resolve Notes

Published 2022-04-19.
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Weaning Off Adobe Premiere Pro

I have made hundreds of instructional videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a good program, but I strongly dislike 2 aspects of that program:

  1. Adobe radically changes the user interface and even completely changes how important features work between releases. The change that hurt me the most was the removal of the Title Menu and Title Templates in 2017, which were replaced with Legacy Titles.
  2. Very high cost, and no option to purchase outright. I am sure that was good for a short-term boost to the corporate bottom line, but long term I am gone, along with many other customers.

So here I am learning Blackmagic Design's Davinci Resolve, which offers an impressive free edition.

DaVinci Resolve is not a live recording application. It is intended only to be used for post-production workflows. It will not handle more than one stream of video.  – From Blackmagic Design Tech Support, 2022-11-15

Learning Resources

The manufacturer is the logical place to start looking for training materials. Blackmagic Design offers several videos with accompanying projects and free downloadable books as PDFs. The online user forum for Resolve is also free. Overall, I am impressed.

YouTube has lots of great videos also. This is a good overview video:

Seems I am not the only long-time Premiere Pro user who is moving over to Davinci Resolve.