Mike Slinn
Mike Slinn

Ancient Warmth Django App Outlines

Published 2021-03-04.
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The central app is the aw_stock_trends app.

aw_chemical App

Does this make sense as an app?

aw_mixture App

Extends Chemical.

aw_design App

Extends Mixture.

pricing App

Computes the price of Designs.

aw_purchase_orders App

Manages the ordering of raw materials. The model defines Supplier, PurchaseOrder, PurchaseOrderItem. Needs class for Address.

aw_stock App

Holds raw materials. Bare bones, embellishments are delegated to other apps. Tracks usage, or maybe that should be a separate app? Does not have provision for ordering, see the orders app.

Tracks stock usage - past history and future projections. Generates alerts when stock items are projected to run out at a future timeperiod.

aw_stock_trend_graphs App

Generates images from stock trends.