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MIDI Software

Published 2020-03-01. Last modified 2022-08-13.
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MusicXML and PDF are good ways to exchange scores.

Pro Tools works well.

StaffPad for Windows / iPad / Android is full of bugs and unusable. They throw in tons of sexy features, but do not bother to ensure the product is solid. Waste of time.

Steinberg Dorico requires the user to learn arcane keyboard sequences. It uses Steinberg Halion for making sound and requires an ASIO driver. The ASIO driver must be the “first” audio output, which causes problems. Both the provided ASIO driver and ASIO4ALL is problematic. Free version: Dorico SE.

Virtual MIDI Keyboard (VMPK)

Download from here.

To assign the MIDI output from the virtual keyboard to a virtual MIDI cable like LoopBe1 or virtualMidi:

  1. Select Edit / MIDI Connections
  2. I decided to transmit the MIDI data generated by the virtual keyboard through the virtual MIDI cable called loopMIDI Port:
  3. Note that MIDI output defaults to being sent on MIDI Channel 1.